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Welcome to our round-up of some of the property news stories that have caught our eye this past month.

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Prices Remain Strong

The average price of a house is still on the up, according to analysis of the figures by Halifax.

Looking at all the stats, the bank noted that through September the average UK property price is now priced at a record £267,587. What’s more, annual house price inflation is up to 7.4 per cent, from 7.2 per cent.

This is interesting because the Stamp Duty deadlines have passed, and so it is good to see prices still buoyed.

The slight fly in the ointment might be the fact that the Bank of England figures show the number of mortgages approved to finance house purchases fell in August 2021 by one per cent.

Perhaps there is a slight softening of the market overall.

Here in Ashton Under Lyne , we are still selling properties for, or above, the asking price. What’s more, it is only taking days for some properties to sell, and just hours for properties to rent out.

If you’ve been thinking about doing something with your property, now is still a good time.

Overall though, supply is still down.

An ongoing issue in the property market has been further highlighted in a report that looks at key trends in the sector.

Landmark Information Group’s Property Trends Report shows that for a fifth consecutive month, there has been a low number of properties coming to the market. Demand, as they say, is outstripping supply.

There could be a number of reasons for this, but we would say that if you really want to sell, get your property on the market now. There will be interested parties lining up to look around and any one of those could be a potential buyer.

Negotiating Confidence

Around 64 per cent of UK homebuyers and renters say they feel confident negotiating over property prices, reports PropertyWire. But six in 10 admit “the biggest challenge is timing and knowing when to negotiate”.

It’s an interesting one. On the one hand, people say they are confident but actually, they don’t really know when to negotiate.

It’s what one might call a paradox. But, there’s a way through. Use an estate agent who can use their knowledge and expertise to negotiate at the right time.

We can do that for you! We know the Ashton Under Lyne inside out and so are able to take action when we need to.

Going Green Paying Off

Have you installed eco-friendly systems in your home? If you haven’t, you could be missing out.
This has been written about by many, including Property Reporter, which says that property website Rightmove has looked at house prices and Energy Performance Certificates.

It’s been reported that people who have “upgraded their rating from an F to a C, are adding an average of 16% to the price achieved for their home”.

That’s a huge jump, but before you do anything, have a look at the costs involved and the efficiencies made. You’ve got to make sure the figures work for you. If you need any advice on this, give us a call on 01612929223.

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re you selling your home over winter? Just because mowing season has come to an end, that doesn’t mean your garden has to lose its appeal during the colder months.

Here are four tips on how to prepare your garden in your Tameside home for winter to keep it looking fabulous over Christmas and into the new year.

1. Tidy Up The Lawn

There’s no better time than late autumn to give your lawn a bit of TLC. Give it a final cut (that isn’t too short), pull out any weeds and fill the patches of exposed soil with grass seeds.

If your lawn sits under a tree and often falls victim to autumn leaves, make sure you clear away any debris before winter, too. While the brightly coloured leaves look stunning scattered across the lawn, they can quickly rot come winter and kill off patches of grass. No one wants a patchy lawn, especially if you’re selling up!

2. Use Compost

If you have a compost bin, just before winter is the best time to harvest and use what you’ve created. Once summer is over, your compost bin has likely created a batch of nutrient-rich soil that’s ready to use. Plus, your plants, trees and shrubs will love the extra nourishment just before the cold weather kicks in.

To prepare your garden for winter, use up the compost in your bin for things like sowing grass seeds and topping up the soil in your flowerbeds.

3. Cover Ponds

Ponds and water features in your garden don’t just look great. They can also add value to UK properties and breathe life into your garden[1]! But the secret to reaping the benefits of these attractions is to make sure they’re well maintained. A poorly looked after pond or water feature can quickly become a property’s downfall.

With heavy winds, increased rainfall and even snow, ponds can easily become clogged up with debris (and bad smells) over winter. To prevent your beautiful features from becoming a pain, cover your pond with netting and place a tennis ball in the water to prevent it from freezing over.

4. Sow Winter Plants

Who doesn’t love a splash of colour in their garden over the winter months? Usually, winter drains the colour from our gardens and leaves only the evergreen look behind.

But if you’re selling your home and want to make a lasting impression, or you just love having a bright garden all year round, you can plant winter bulbs like heather, cyclamen, pansies and snowdrops in pots or hanging baskets. They’ll bloom in bright shades of reds, purples, pinks and whites. There’s nothing that will wow your viewers more than a vibrant winter garden.

Getting Ready to Sell Over Winter?

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If you’ve just moved in, your house might not feel like a home just yet. Settling in takes time, but there are things you can do to make your home feel cosier and more inviting. Simple changes like adding a lamp to your living room or putting up shelves can make your home feel more snug and inviting to guests.

If you’re struggling with renovation ideas, here are six things you can do to make your home feel cosy.

1. Accessorise

One of the best ways to make your home feel cosy is to spruce it up with some accessories. Pick out some comfy cushions for your bedroom, add curtains to patio doors and hang your favourite photos up in the hallway. These finishing touches can make your space feel more personal and like a home.

2. Invest in a Rug

If you have hardwood flooring, investing in a rug is a great way of warming up the space. A large area can feel more intimate and cosy with either a patterned or solid colour rug. They work great in dining rooms, living areas, hallways or bedrooms and can make any large space feel more intimate.

3. Add a Lamp

On darker, colder evenings, sometimes there’s nothing worse than a harsh set of spotlights beaming down on you. To make evenings feel cosier, add a small lamp to your living room, hallway, or bedroom. Switching it on after dinner or before bed can help create a cosy and snug atmosphere in your home.

4. Drape Blankets in the Living Room

As the winter approaches, so does the cold weather. To make your home feel cosier, add a throw blanket to your living room. Opt for something soft and aesthetically pleasing that you can hang over the sofa or drape across a reading chair. It’ll be comforting to look at and can create a more inviting space for guests.

5. Put Slippers By the Front Door

A cosy home is one that you feel comfortable in. When you get home from work, sometimes all you want to do is kick off your shoes and relax. To feel instant comfort the minute you walk in, have your slippers there ready for you by the front door.

6. Put Up Shelves

Adding shelves are a great way of sprucing up your interior aesthetic. A few scattered shelves can create a more intimate feel to your home, without making the space feel cluttered. When it comes to filling the shelves, keep it simple but personal. A photo frame, hanging plant or set of books are perfect for creating a cosy, minimalist vibe.

Want More Home Styling Tips?

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Are you thinking of buying a smart home  ?

Smart homes have many benefits. But should you buy one?

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a house or apartment that’s fitted with smart devices. This usually includes things like fridges that order food when you run out, apps that control your lights and heating, security systems (like video doorbells), and voice control features.

Should You Buy a Smart Home?

Buying a smart home can have lots of benefits. They have so many extra features that can make life more convenient for you.

Plus, recent reports have stated that smart homes could be priced 5% higher than non-smart homes. They can even sell quicker!

If you’re considering buying a smart home, here are some of the top things you should know.

1. You Can Save Energy

Even though you may have more electronics to run, a smart home can save you energy. Typically, smart devices are more energy-efficient than most other household appliances.

Plus, you can automate everything to cut unnecessary costs. If you forget to turn off the heating, lights, tumble dryer or even the TV when you go out, you can easily switch them off using your phone.

2. They Make Life Simpler

Smart homes can automate almost anything. You can turn on the heating before you get home or set your fridge to order food when you get low on certain items.

Smart features are designed with your convenience in mind. One study[1] even predicted that you could save eight whole days every year from having a smart home – which is basically a holiday!

3. Increased Security

Besides the doorbells that show you who’s at your door when you’re out, smart homes can have lots of other security benefits. If you’re away on holiday, it’s easy to make it look like you’re home.

You can automate the opening and closing of your blinds and have the lights turn on at night. Some smart homes even have cameras that will notify you if someone comes within the boundary of your home.

4. It’ll Be Easier To Sell

In a recent survey of UK homebuyers[2], more than 50% of people said they wanted a smart home and would be willing to pay more for one. Smart homes are also soaring to the top of property developer agendas.

If you own a smart home, you could expect a quicker sale and a 5% boost in resale value[3].

5. Smart Homes Are Fun!

Besides the convenience, smart homes can be great fun!

You can play around with the speakers, play pranks, or boil the kettle from upstairs to drop hints when someone’s in the kitchen!

Are You Convinced?

If a smart home is a priority for you when buying , let us know!

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Are you asking yourself whether you should decorate your home when selling up?

If so, it’s a good question. Not all buyers will appreciate your décor, and it could lose you a sale. But selling your home at Christmas doesn’t mean you have to go bah ‘humbug for the entire season. There are some things you can do to spruce up the festivities the right way, as long as you keep it simple.

To help you sell your Ashton Under Lyne home, here are our top tips on decorating your home at Christmas that won’t impact your sale.

3 Things To Avoid
1. Decorating Before the Professional Photos

While it may be tempting to put up your decorations before the photographer has stopped by, don’t. Estate agents aim to sell your home as quickly as possible. But sometimes, a sale can take a few months before the right buyer shows up.

If this happens, people browsing your online listing in spring will spot the Christmas tree and could be put off. Don’t take the risk!

2. Outdoor Decorations

If you usually light up your exterior like a Christmas tree, give it a miss this year. The kerb appeal is the first impression a buyer will have of your home. If you have climbing Santa’s and flashing lights everywhere, this can be a huge turn-off.

Keep it simple, like a small, sophisticated wreath on the front door if you want something outside.

3. Window Displays

Natural light is a huge selling point. If you have swinging elves and sprayed-on snowflakes covering your windows, this could hinder the amount of natural light coming in. To keep things looking the way they usually do, keep the windows clear.

3 Things You Can Do to Decorate at Christmas
1. Keep it Subtle

When a buyer walks in, you want them to notice the space. Decorations can distract buyers from the important things. It can even put them off your home entirely. To keep things neutral, stick to a Christmas tree and a few festive items that are small or subtle.

2. Opt For Neutral Colours

We know that bright reds and greens are cheery at Christmas. But too many colours can damage the overall vibe of your home. If you’re going to decorate, keep the colours neutral. The same applies to any tree lights. Ditch the multi-coloured bulbs and opt for a warm or cool LED light instead.

3. Add Festive Smells

A fresh and inviting smell in your home can help it stand out to buyers. It can even make your home appear cleaner and more appealing. A great way of making your home feel festive when you’re selling up is to add pleasant smells, like cinnamon or sweet cookies. A scent that isn’t too overpowering can help you feel festive without putting buyers off.

Want More Home Staging Tips?

We’re Alex Jones, and we know everything there is to know about selling properties in Ashton Under Lyne – including how to stage your home for a sale.

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